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Reserva Superiore

Reserva Superiore is obtained from the further ripening of the selective superior grapes in the vineyard. The harvested grapes then go to the natural drying for 25-30 days in well-ventilated controlled environments. After the drying phase, the different grapes variety are processed and fermented separately. Fermentation is carried out at constant temperatures 18-20 degrees for 18-22 days. The produced wine then performs the controlled malo-lactic fermentation at a temperature of 20 degrees.
After being conserved for 6-8 months in stainless steel tanks, the wine becomes ready for a long aging phase in brand new superior quality barrels for at least 16 months. The ultimate bottled product then is composed of the merlot (55%) and cabernet sauvignon (45%). Reserva Superiore can be aged for at least 25-30 years at a controlled temperature of 15-20 degrees.