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About Us

Nurellari Winery was established in 1995 by the NURELLARI family. From the year of creation until today, the quality of production and products have increased. The winery location is between the city of Berat and Polican, at a distance of 10 km from Berat. We believe that the path to success is in our hands. We also believe that the key to success is to offer the highest quality while guaranteeing reasonable prices. Our wine is considered one of the best products in Albania but not only. In 2016, Kantina Nurellari in the Balkan competition (Balkan International Competition 2016 Sofia, Bulgaria) was awarded a silver medal for the summer Pulsi Beratit 2015. Also, on December 17, 2015, and December 16, 2016, Kantina Nurellari was awarded nationally in the competition organized by the Ministry of Agriculture winning awards for the category of obsolete red wines respectively in 2015 with Reserva 2012 first prize and Montemeca 2009, also in 2016 with the wine Reserva Superiore 2013 the best Albanian wine. It makes us feel proud of our achievements. We welcome you to visit us in our winery with a classic style combined with the art of winemaking for a unique experience in a warm and welcoming environment. We want our visitors to spend part of the day with us and enjoy our products. We invite you to visit us whenever you can find the right time to spend some beautiful moments.

Nurellari Winery operates in the wine industry and alcoholic beverages for more than 25 years. Nurellari Winery is currently focused on export opportunities targeting elite markets with high demands in terms of quality and organic products. Following the new strategic plan, Nurellari Winery aspires to be a worthy protagonist of ``Made in Albania`` products in EU markets and beyond. Nurellari Winery headquarter is based in Berat Albania with spaces of about 1000 m2 and fully reconstructed to the highest standard possible. Among other facilities, Nurellari Winery possesses a 250 m2 underground cellar used to perform wine aging processes. Nurellari Winery also possesses other facilities such as a state of the art wine tasting space with a capacity of 100+ persons and 6 Ensuite hotel rooms. Nurellari Winery has won many international and national prices ranked from first place with our red wine “Reserva Superiore” to second place for our white wine “Pulsi Beratit”. At the moment Nurellari Winery Team is composed of 10-15 members employed full time and dozens part-time. Nurellari Winery Vineyards are all located in rolling hills and span of about 40 hectares. We are in a process of planting 20 more hectares in the next 2 years. In terms of enological equipment, Nurellari Winery possesses the very latest state of the art equipment (produced in the EU) to enable us to produce very high-quality wines.