About Nurellari Winery

     Nurellari Winery Cellar has been founded on the year of 1995 by the current President Mr. Fatos Nurellari. Since then, Nurellari Winery Cellar has increased its reputation nationally and internationally. Our obligation is not to compromise the quality of our productions while keeping the price reasonable.

     Nurellari Winery Cellar is located nearby Berat town, 10 km far way. We believe that success is in our hands. At Nurellari Winery Cellar we consider our customers suggestions and ideas with top priority for our future development.

     Our wine has been ranked as one of the best wine production in Albania, very competitive in market both in quality and price. We produce wine just from 100% grape, no any artificial flavour or additives. We are nationally widespread and trying to be where our customers are.

     Nurellari Winery Cellar is fully licensed and has been represented in both international and local conferences. In coming years we are considering ambitious projects that are affordable both in monetary terms and human resources.